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Andrea Curry
Andrea is an experienced, local real estate expert. She is a native Austinite with 12 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate in Central Texas.

Andrea Curry

Residential + Commercial Realtor

Evergreen trees, warm days all year round and the sun settling on the rolling lands of the hill country; these are the reasons I moved back to Texas. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas but moved to St. Petersburg, Russia in order to graduate with a BA in International Financial Management and a minor in World Economics while learning Russian. Living in a city where there are three months of white nights and the rest of the year is spent in darkness, gave me a new perspective on what the sun really means.

I've traveled extensively through Europe and Russia but my home will always be in Texas. My favorite cities abroad had several things in common namely: open cafes with live music, beautiful views of water and an eclectic group of people. These things I had always taken for granted growing up here in Austin. It's the place to be young or grow old and everything in between. I have 3 dogs that are my fur children and I'm married with a 2 boys.

Contact me today with your real estate questions or needs! I'm here to take care of you. 512-547-0823.


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